Lawn Aeration Benefits

Contrast between a Lawn having its very first Aerate that is so hard water cannot penetrate and a lawn that has been aerated regularly for three years that is so Lush and pliable.

Video Courtesy of the Popular Lawn Rescue Squad

FB  @australianlawnfanatics and @auslf in Brisbane Qld using the TineX19 on their efficient Groundsman Aerator on two clients lawns in the same suburb.



Verti Drain Deep Tining Racecourse

Verti draining using Solid tines is a regular occurance on a racetrack to alleviate some compaction and help water drainage. Solid tining can be performed in between race meets without the need to clean up Cores. Turf Tines makes Deep solid Tines for Verti drain, Toro SR, Weidenmann Terraspike and Soil Reliever in a 12mm, 18mm and 24mm. Race Courses commonly use 350mm t0 450mm tines to achieve maximum depth.