Premium green needle Tine Trials

Premium solid tine trials Tine Trials at Golf Course

Solid greens tine trials have been in progress across golf greens and bowling clubs throughout Australia and the results have been outstanding.

Feedback such as “Premium 6mm on 19mm mts Same as last time for our bowling club please they worked really well” and “Tried a full set of regular 6mm x 3/8 mts in one procore and a full set of premiums in another procore, going out every week would have gone around the 18 holes twice with premiums, think I’ll go premiums from now on.” has led us to expand our offering while continuing to break up compaction not maintenance budgets.

Sizes in premiums greens needles we now offer are 5 x 140 3/8mts, 6 x 150 3/8 or 6 x 150 3/4 Mts, 6 x 160 3/8mts9.5 x 160 3/8mt, 12 x 160 x 3/8 (9.5)mt

Our range is constantly improving thanks to our consistant research and development alongside professional greenkeepers and turf technicians on some of the most compacted and abrasive sands throughout Australia.


Aeration Tine Trends for Australian Autumn

Autumn conditions for Australian Greenkeepers varies depending upon geographical region, sports turf variety, turf length and soil profile. As an Australia wide industry supplier of aeration, solid and hollow coring tines, I have seen trends and product usage patterns emerging each season across user groups.

Summary of results: In a nutshell, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm solids are the most used in Autumn for alleviating hard pan areas, whilst the phantom 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm and 19mm Hollow tines are the most popular for relieving surface tension without causing turf stress or delayed recovery times.

These tines are part of the renovation program for those lucky enough to own or get hold of an aerator. Data below is relevant to all users of John Deere, Baroness, Vertidrain Redexim, Toro Procore and SR, and Weidenmann aerators.

Historically by region, aeration tine usage in Autumn is as below:

Tine Sizes popularity in Autumn

Reversible Bedknives Innovation

Turf Tines Reversible Bedknives in Australia

Australian Greenskeepers are amongst the first in world to benefit from the  reduced cost and emmission savings that reversible greens bedknives offer.

With an extra row of holes and another cutting edge  they offer twice the life of the originals, they come pre-sharpened and are manufactured to exceed OEM standards they really are an innovative industry game changer for the first time in 190 years! Developed by Ritchie and Ritchie in SA and imported and distributed from Turf Tines Goldcoast.

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Phantom Tines

Phantom Tines are rescuing Greens

Turf management practises have changed rapidly with the onset of Covid19 player numbers have increased putting more pressure on Clubs and Superintendents to keep the greens open for play with less time to recover.
Check out or range here

Phantom tines are an excellent resource to help alleviate organic matter and compaction without being disruptive or closing greens, a major renovation takes 5% of organic matter whereas Phantom tines take up to 1% at a time. They can be used frequently throughout the year to achieve a healthy green that keeps uptaking air, water and nutrients whilst remaining in play.

In 2018 when we first engineered the original micro Phantom7 for procore with 3/8 Mts,  Turf managers requested a small phantom tine for vertidrain, weidenmann and Toro SR with a 12mm Mt so we engineered and delivered the Phantom9 tine 9.5mm OD with a 5.5mm ID


Dethatching Sportsfields

Sportsfields require an annual dethatch to remove dead thatch from the field. It is hard to judge and always suprising how much material will be  removed with this vertical mowing technique. This video shows the Stec GKB with Turf Tines 3mm scarifying blades at 30mm spacing doing a mighty job on a Gold Coast field.

GKB Scarifier pictured doing a mighty job with our 3mm tungsten carbide blades at Hession Oval Gold Coast.

Posted by Turf Tines on Sunday, March 1, 2020

Scarifying and dethatch with Turfmach

Turfmach TTR3 combination scarify, verticut and sweep does a mighty job of vertically mowing.

By removing the dead grass layer (thatch) where the horizontal mowers cannot reach the air, water and nutrients can circulate down to the soil level creating less fungal and disease issues and leaves a greener healthier Turf.

A good dethatching  is required on most Sport Turf surfaces annually and is particuarly  beneficial on Turf that requires a faster playing surface such as Golf Greens and Horse racing tracks. An annual program can substantially improve a racecourses ratings and Golf Course reviews.

  Dethatching can be done with the grain or against it and in optimum circumstances such as a racecourse best practice and results is to double dethatch to achieve a thorough result. Turfmach all in one dethatcher has fixed blades ensuring a maximum thatch removal down to soil level at either 25mm or 50mm spacings.

Although we no longer manufacture the complete units Turf Tines continues to support spare parts for most Turfmach machines including the CD36, TR50, TR74, TA30 and TTR3 units including Belts, Blades, Brooms and some specialty parts contact us.

Common Parts go here:

TR50 Turfmach



Turfmach CD36 Dethatcher


Tungstun Tipped Dethatching Rotor
Tungstun Tipped Scarifying Rotor


Lawn Aeration Benefits

Contrast between a Lawn having its very first Aerate that is so hard water cannot penetrate and a lawn that has been aerated regularly for three years that is so Lush and pliable.

Video Courtesy of the Popular Lawn Rescue Squad

FB  @australianlawnfanatics and @auslf in Brisbane Qld using the TineX19 on their efficient Groundsman Aerator on two clients lawns in the same suburb.



Verti Drain Deep Tining Racecourse

Verti draining using Solid tines is a regular occurance on a racetrack to alleviate some compaction and help water drainage. Solid tining can be performed in between race meets without the need to clean up Cores.

Turf Tines makes Deep solid Tines for Redexim Verti drain, Toro SR, Weidenmann Terraspike in a 12mm, 18mm and 24mm. Race Courses commonly use 350mm to 450mm tines to achieve maximum drainage depths.

Go here for the deep solid tines:,redexim-vertidrain-aerators,weidenmann-terraspike&really_curr_tax=20-product_cat

Go here for Deep Hollow Tines:,redexim-vertidrain-aerators,weidenmann-terraspike&really_curr_tax=20-product_cat

Lakelands Industry Day

Turf Tines enjoyed supporting the Queensland Golf Course Superintendents Association day at the stunning Jack Nicklaus designed Lakelands Golf Club on the Gold Coast 2019.

The annual day saw many surrounding club greenskeeping staff get to have a friendly round of golf with an opportunity to win some excellent prizes for their Clubs.

Our Phantom Tines were in Action at the third Green creating little disruption with their tiny footprint and the Turf Tines coolers sporting James Boag beer were appreciated.