Premium green needle Tine Trials

Premium solid tine trials Tine Trials at Golf Course

Solid greens tine trials have been in progress across golf greens and bowling clubs throughout Australia and the results have been outstanding.

Feedback such as “Premium 6mm on 19mm mts Same as last time for our bowling club please they worked really well” and “Tried a full set of regular 6mm x 3/8 mts in one procore and a full set of premiums in another procore, going out every week would have gone around the 18 holes twice with premiums, think I’ll go premiums from now on.” has led us to expand our offering while continuing to break up compaction not maintenance budgets.

Sizes in premiums greens needles we now offer are 5 x 140 3/8mts, 6 x 150 3/8 or 6 x 150 3/4 Mts, 6 x 160 3/8mts9.5 x 160 3/8mt, 12 x 160 x 3/8 (9.5)mt

Our range is constantly improving thanks to our consistant research and development alongside professional greenkeepers and turf technicians on some of the most compacted and abrasive sands throughout Australia.