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11mm Quad 3/8 Mt

11mm Quad 3/8 Mt


11mm Quad 3/8 Mt

$9.00 Exc Gst

130mm x 11mmOD x 6mm ID

Turf Tines popular greens side eject for Procore 3/8 Mt


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SKU: H1159

Greens  Side Eject tine with 9.5mm mt

Great little machined quad window tine to core your Greens without too much fuss leaving a 6mm plug small enough to blow off.

Most comparable OEM: 108-9108

Mounting Size : 9.5mm (3/8)

Core Diameter : 6mm (1/4)

Outside Diameter : 11.1mm (7/16)

Overall Length : 130mm (5.1")

Toro Procore