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Fulvic Acid Powder 92% Premium soluble

Fulvic Acid Powder 92% Premium soluble

Fulvic Acid Powder 92% Premium soluble

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Fulvic Acid Powder – 25kg

Certified Organic. Easy to dissolve. Potassium Fulvate.

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Premium Fulvic Acid Soluble Certified Organic Powder

One of the most economical & concentrated Fulvic Acid Powders in Australia.  Not for human Consumption 

The most versatile product/input in Horticulture and Agriculture. Humic contains a CEC of 450 and Fulvic an amazing CEC of 1400. Fulvic is the World’s most powerful Electrolyte. Buying a powdered concentrate, reduces transport costs, this soluble Fulvic Acid Powder is used as a sticker, wetter, Chelator, Penetrator, Turbo Booster (when mixed with Fertiliser etc) and can be used through irrigation or as a highly productive foliar spray when mixed with fertilisers.

When used with Fertiliser, Fulvic acid also contains and complexes a comprehensive range of trace elements, amino acids and chelating agents found in Fulvic Acid, and when used as directed, can provide a myriad of benefits. Fulvic Acid is often called a ‘Complex Organic Compound’ that can be a powerful beneficial microbial stimulant – the microbial (fauna & flora) component within the soil can be boosted dramatically by using small quantities of our ‘Fulvic Acid Powder’.


  • Can be a valuable plant rescue remedy during periods of stress
  • Helps unlock minerals in the soil, e.g. Phosphorus
  • Boosts flowering and improves the flower to fruit ratio
  • Helps detoxify chemicals and other toxins in the soil
  • Improves crop quality and associated plant/fruit shelf-life
  • Boosts soil life activity, particularly the beneficial fungal fraction
  • Natural, powerful chelating agent. offers DIY chelation
  • Help Solubilise Silica
  • Increases Brix levels with an associated reduction in insect attraction
  • Improves Stomatal Conductance

Typical Analysis (w/w)

Fulvic Acid (dry analysis) >92%
Moisture <8%
Solubility (Minimum) 99%
Particle Size Very Fine Powder
Colour/Appearance Brown – Dark Brown

Rates of Application:

Fertigation: 500g – 1kg per Hectare
Foliar*: 300g – 500g per Ha
Broadacre: 80 – 150g/Ha
Hydroponics: 5-10g/10L water – 500-1kg/1000L water
DIY Liquid Recipe: 120g to one litre of water, apply this concentrate @ 3-5L per Hectare

May not be compatible with certain selective herbicides, do a small jar test if unsure.

May stain Foliage/Fruit also avoid spraying close to harvest.

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