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Gypsum Granule Soil Conditioner

Gypsum Granule Soil Conditioner

Gypsum Granule Soil Conditioner

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Gypsum Granules 1-2mm mini prill [size: 20kg bag]

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Granular Gypsum – Clay buster!

A granular, slow release calcium sulphate that helps correct soil calcium levels and rebuilds tired and worn soils through remineralisation.

Ideal for built up areas, parks, gardens and flower beds (very minimal dust).

Mini prill (small granule size of 1-2mm)

Ideal for

  • Home garden
  • Landscaping, school ovals etc
  • Commercial use, Road Works, Industry applications etc.


Calcium 19+%

Sulphur 14+%


Application Rates should be determined by soil analysis and applied in conjunction with a

balanced nutrition program. The following rates are generalized for irrigated and dry land

cropping, for intense horticulture these rates can be increased.

Recommended application rate:

100gm/m2 or 10kg/100m2 or 1000 Kg/Ha


Store in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight. This product has been tested to store safely down to 5ºC. Sedimentation may occur below 5ºC. Do not pre-mix or store in diluted form. MMS products are very heavy and every care should be taken when handling these materials to avoid back injury.

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