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Z Lap Paste 120 5kg

Z Lap Paste 120 5kg


Z Lap Paste 120 5kg

$75.00 Exc Gst

Lapping Paste
Course 120 Grit 5 kg
Non Toxic and Water Soluable

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Silicon Citrus Pre-Mixed Reel Sharpening Compound, is a silicon based gel guaranteed not to separate. Silicon Citrus is biodegradeable and water soluable for ease of cleaning when lapping is complete. Available in , 80  grit (medium), 120 grit (fine), 180 grit (super fine) or 220 grit (extra super fine). Recommended use: 80 grit on fairway cutting units with 7″ to 10″ dia. reels, 120 grit for greensmowers and fairway units with 3-1/2″ to 5″ dia. reels.

Mounting Size :

Core Diameter :

Outside Diameter :

Overall Length :

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