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Phantom7© Toro

Phantom7© Toro

Ninja Phantom Coring tine

Phantom7© Toro

$12.00 Exc Gst

Micro Greens dethatching Tine 110mm x 7mm x 9.5mm (4mm Plug)

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Phantom tines are an excellent resource to help alleviate some organic matter and a little compaction without being disruptive to players or needing to close, a major renovation would take 5% of organic matter at one time where Phantom tines take 1% at a time. They can be used frequently throughout the year to achieve a healthy green that can keep uptaking air, water and nutrients whilst remaining in play. In 2018 when we first engineered the original micro Phantom7 for procore with 3/8 Mts,  Turf managers requested a small phantom tine for vertidrain, weidenmann and Toro SR with a 12mm Mt so we engineered and delivered the Phantom9 tine a 9.5mm OD with a 5.5mm ID micro tine for Greens, this has been well recieved by all that use them to keep the Greens in play and the ball rolling. Use coupon freeship in your checkout 

Mounting Size : 9.5mm (3/8)

Core Diameter : 4mm (1/8)

Outside Diameter : 7mm (0.275)

Overall Length : 110mm (4.3”)

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