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7 x 112 Phantomcore 3/8 Mt

7 x 112 Phantomcore 3/8 Mt

7 x 112 Phantomcore 3/8 Mt

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Micro Greens Premium deep core Tiny Tine 112mm x 7mm(4.5mm Plug) x 9.5mm Mt

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Tiny tines are an excellent resource to help alleviate some organic matter and a little compaction without being disruptive to players or needing to close, a major renovation would take 5% of organic matter at one time where Tiny tines take 1% at a time. They can be used frequently throughout the year to achieve a healthy green that can keep uptaking air, water and nutrients whilst remaining in play. In 2018 when we first engineered the original micro Phantom7 for procore with 3/8 Mts,  Turf managers requested a small deep micro tine for Greens after much research we bring our premium Tiny Tine to market

Mounting Size : 9.5mm (3/8)

Core Diameter : 4mm (1/8)

Outside Diameter : 7mm (0.275)

Overall Length : 110mm (4.3”)

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