Verti Drain Deep Tining Racecourse

Verti draining using Solid tines is a regular occurance on a racetrack to alleviate some compaction and help water drainage. Solid tining can be performed in between race meets without the need to clean up Cores.

Turf Tines makes Deep solid Tines for Redexim Verti drain, Toro SR, Weidenmann Terraspike in a 12mm, 18mm and 24mm. Race Courses commonly use 350mm to 450mm tines to achieve maximum drainage depths.

Go here for the deep solid tines:,redexim-vertidrain-aerators,weidenmann-terraspike&really_curr_tax=20-product_cat

Go here for Deep Hollow Tines:,redexim-vertidrain-aerators,weidenmann-terraspike&really_curr_tax=20-product_cat